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Quality of Life

At Redwood Veterinary Hospital in Visalia, CA we approach pet hospice care with unwavering empathy, placing your pet’s comfort and unique needs at the forefront through a personalized approach.

Our devoted team works closely alongside you, ensuring you’re fully informed, prepared for what lies ahead, and empowered to provide care, even in our absence. We navigate you through the decision-making process, offering unwavering support at every turn.

Hospice care initiates at the earliest signs of decline, offering vital support to enhance your pet’s comfort while extending comprehensive aid to you.

Our Hospice and Palliative Care services encompass:

  • Collaboration with veterinary specialists
  • Effective pain management techniques
  • Educational resources on disease progression
  • Emergency readiness and planning
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Guidance for end-of-life decisions
  • Assistance in dealing with pet loss

We work with 4 Creeks Pet Crematorium locally here in Visalia. Visit to learn more.

Reach out today to discover more and provide your cherished companion with the compassionate care they deserve.